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Our business? Growing YOUR business by capturing the attention of clients who may otherwise slip through the cracks.

Increased Traffic

On average, our clients’ websites experience a traffic increase of 10-20% every month!

Increased Engagement

With all that extra traffic, our clients receive more phone calls and visitors. We’ve seen increases of up to 40% monthly!

Increased Revenues

More visitors lead to more sales. We hope your biggest problem will be trying to handle all the new customers coming your way!
Step #1

Keyword Analysis

This is the step where we figure out where your customers are and how to find them.  We’ll also take a peek at your competitors to see what they’re up to… and how to beat them!

Step #2

Initial Optimization

Basically, we’ll do a bunch of optimizing both on and off your website (we won’t bore you with technical details.) A little bit can go a long way, so we’ll implement them over time, all while analyzing and making changes that will get you to the top.

Step #3

Growth & Defense

Everyone wants to be #1, so once you’re on top, we can’t just rest on our laurels. Eventually, your competitors will notice and decide to try and outrank you again. That’s when we go to work on the defensive, building up your authority so you stay on top

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