Wyoming SEO

Wyoming has an incredibly unique SEO environment, that brings with it equally unique opportunities and challenges. While we have an FAQ page for general questions, this page addresses some of the pecularities of Wyoming SEO.

What businesses work well with SEO in Wyoming?

SEO is only effective if people are searching for the product or service you provide.  While there are a lot of different applications of SEO, it is most useful for professional service industries. Some good examples include therapists, dentists, eye doctors, landscapers, plumbers, HVAC, Realtors, lawyers, and hotels.

What businesses don’t work well with SEO in Wyoming?

Some businesses are too specific to get searched for very often.  If you sell jewelry locally, or have a unique Chinese-Mexican combo restaurant. Even if a few people search for those things, not enough do to make it worth the costs of SEO.

How much does SEO cost?

This is one of the major areas where Wyoming SEO is different from the rest of the country.  In most cities around the U.S. you would expect to pay a quality SEO anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 every month. The competition in Wyoming is a lot less stiff, so the costs are a lot lower. Like 80%-90% lower.

Can SEO Work Anywhere?

SEO works almost anywhere, but once again Wyoming is a little different. All of Wyoming’s larger cities (population around 8,000 or more) are viable candidates for SEO. If you only have one or two competitors in your industry, then your community may be too small for Local SEO.

What Is Your SEO Process?

For the most part this question is answered by other parts of the site that address what SEO is and how it works. So instead of focusing on the nitty gritty of optimizing a page, we’re going to talk about strategic decisions that separate Wyoming SEO from the rest of the world.

While larger cities focus on ranking across suburbs of a city, Wyoming generally doesn’t have suburbs, so once again things are different. However, the concept is still the same, but instead of suburbs, we focus on cities and small towns. For example, someone in Laramie needs to be visible to Laramie as well as Rock River, Bosler, and Albany. A business in Riverton may want visibility in Shoshoni or Dubois, and so on.

To accomplish this, we get local. And we mean really local. This is one of the benefits that being based in Wyoming gives us. We’re familiar with small communities that out-of-staters haven’t even heard of, like Opal and Franny. Enveloping these communities and seeming relevant to them shows search engines that you are involved in a geographic area, and can give you a wider reach and more visibility.

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