Where They Started

When we first started talking to Tough Guys, they had a handle on the Laramie market. They were the top search result for almost every service they offered, and received plenty of leads. Cheyenne however, was a very different story. They were working on expanding into the larger market that Cheyenne presented, but were experiencing limited success. As of March of 2018, they didn’t receive any calls to their Cheyenne location in the average month.

What We Did About It

The first step in increasing Tough Guys’ visibility in Cheyenne was updating their website. The site was functional, but just a little old and slow, so we spruced it up a bit and gave it a speed boost. The design stayed more or less the same, but the functionality was significantly increased. After that, we focused on making them more relevant to Cheyenne by updating their “Areas Served” information, and creating content about their services targeted towards that area. There were plenty of other “behind the scenes” technical details towards optimizing their site, but we won’t dive into those too thoroughly, just for the sake of brevity.

Where They Are Now (Update 1)

We started working with Tough Guys in March of 2018. At the time of writing this (early July 2018), their Cheyenne traffic and rankings have increased dramatically. Most importantly, since starting work with Tough Guys, they have received 36 calls to their Cheyenne location.

4 Month Snapshot

Increased Rankings

An average 31% increase in rankings across 63 keywords

Client Inquiries

Change from 0 calls in Cheyenne to 36 calls in Cheyenne
Cheyenne SEO Tough Guys Stats

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