The Blankenship Firm Case Study

Where They Started

Lance Blankenship had just recently started his own firm when we were introduced. As an employment attorney in San Antonio, they had significantly more competition than our Wyoming clients have faced. They had built a website on Wix and were frustrated by its limited SEO potential, and wanted to acquire more clients and leads. 


What We Did For Them

First we had to get the website of Wix. I’m not going to go off on a tangent on the shortcomings of Wix, but suffice it to say that it isn’t going to cut it for any serious SEO. They are just too restrictive in what you can and can’t control. So we rebuilt the website. I don’t call it a redesign because the design stayed the same. It just needed a new platform. After the redesign, the real work started. 


Where They Are Now

It’s still much to early in the SEO process to show definitive data. However, we have seen our first jump in their rankings, and hope to see more continuing into the future!

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