Mountain Valley Properties Case Study

Where They Started

Mountain Valley Properties (MVP) was never in a bad when it came to rankings, but there is always room for improvement. As with most SEO projects, the goal with Mountain Valley Properties was to not only increase visibility, but to increase conversions. This could come in the form of more sellers listing their houses with MVP, or more buyers using them as agents. Real estate also has a bit of an extra challenge. Not only do we have to increase visibility within Laramie, but we need to increase it with anyone who may be looking to move to Laramie, regardless of where they live.


Where They Are Now (Update 1)

We started working with Mountain Valley Properties in June 2018. At the time of writing this (October 2018), they have seen a moderate increase across 14 keywords in both local and national searches. Across those 14 keywords, they went from an average ranking of 20 (the second page of search results) to 10 (the first page of search results). While an average ranking increase of 10 isn’t massive, the visibility and traffic increase is.


SEO Takeaways

Mountain Valley Properties is a classic example of the relationship between rankings and visibility. When rankings are viewed alone, it can be easy to just view them as a linear scale of numbers. Ranking 70th is better than ranking 99th. And that’s true, but let’s be honest, nobody looks at the 7th page of search results or the 9th page of search results.  A jump in rankings from 99th to 70th likely won’t affect your traffic whatsoever. However, a jump in rankings from 12th to 8th can result in massive traffic and visibility increases. This is apparent in the graphs below. The top graph shows the average rankings, which jumped up into the top 10 near the end of July. The bottom graph then shows a dramatic spike in visibility at the end of July. This is a reflection of moving onto the first page.

“[Atmosphere Marketing’s] SEO efforts provide us with a noticeable increase in client/customer leads and therefore tangible profit for our company.” -Lauren Denhart, Mountain Valley Properties

6 Month Snapshot

Increased Traffic

10% increase in traffic in the most recent two months compared to the previous 2 month period

Visibility & Visitors

MVP has seen an 60% increase in search result impressions as well as a 28% increase in click-throughs to their website from search results

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