Where They Started

When we were contacted by Ms. Austin, she was in the process of starting her own law practice. Her goal was to provide business, employment, trust, and real estate law services to the residents of Wyoming. Although she is based in Cheyenne, she wanted to reach smaller communities via telecommuting so that they can get the same quality of legal aid that can be found in large cities.

What We Did About It

As with any new business, the basics came first. We put together a website, helped her develop a logo, and printed some business cards. Once all that was in place, the real challenge started. Reaching the first page of the local search results in multiple different towns is not an easy feat, especially on a budget. We originally focused on the employment law side of things, as that was where the search volume was highest. While this led to an increase in employment inquiries, most of them were outside Ms. Austin’s jurisdiction, so we had to re-evaluate. We decided to switch the primary focus from employment law to real estate law and trust.

Where They Are Now (Update 1)

At the time of writing this (October 2018), we have just recently made the switch in focus. It has decreased the number of total inquiries but increased the number of relevant inquiries, which we are counting as a victory. Once more time has passed, this will be updated to show any relevant statistics we can gather.

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