The Situation

Corda is a non-profit organization based in Utah that helps provide jobs for people in Ethiopia. They train their employees to make rope sandals and sell those sandals all over the world. The Corda movement has grown quickly over the past 2 years, and they found themselves needing more robust and in-depth marketing insights from their online sales in order to maintain growth and understand their customer demographics.

The Solution

Since Corda liked their original website’s design, we started by rebuilding it on a new platform. While we later made some design changes to improve conversion, the first priority was implement enhanced e-commerce integration between their website, advertising methods, and Google Analytics. This integration helps provide details on who their customers are, what marketing strategies are yielding the best results, and what strategies are wasting resources.

The Results

Advanced Analysis

Corda can now view purchases based on what sizes and styles are popular with which demographics, as well as which times of day are best for advertising and sales.

High Conversions

Conversion rates are up 50% over the last 90 days, and are more than 30% higher than industry average.

Global Impact

We discovered that 50% of Corda’s visitors are from outside the United States, so Corda can now start internationally targeted marketing.

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