Where They Started

When Capitol Counseling contacted us, they had a website through YP, which wasn’t doing a whole lot for them. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend using any company that used to be a phone book as your digital marketing consultants. Personal feelings aside, the larger issues was their lack of rankings and traffic. For key phrases like “psychologist in Cheyenne Wy“, Capitol Counseling didn’t show up until the third page, and on crucial map listings, they were averaging 18th. Spas and physical therapists were consistently outranking them on searches for therapy and therapists. And to top it all off, their on-page elements were signaling to Google that they were an office of attorneys. Needless to say we didn’t feel like the current marketing was getting the job done.


What We Did About It

Because of the highly restrictive terms some companies put on their contracts, YP wouldn’t let Capitol Counseling keep their website, so we just built a new one! We got some nice, new, professional photography of the building as well as the staff, and used those as a base for the new site. With a little on-page optimization (like saying they were counselors instead of attorneys), the new site quickly jumped up into the top 3 of maps for all “counselor” based key words within 2 months of the new site launching.


Where They Are Now (Update 1)

Capitol Counseling’s new website launched in December of 2017. I am writing this in mid March of 2018. Capitol Counseling now shows up in the top 3 map positions for 7 different keywords, amounting to around 1,000 searches per month.  In addition, they rank on the first page of organic results for 10 different search terms. They get 50% more phone calls than they did before starting to work with us, and their website traffic has increased an average of 10% each month.

5 Month Snapshot

Increased Traffic

25% growth in website visitors each month

Client Inquiries

All leads ( such as phone calls and asking for directions through Google Maps) have increased by over 50%

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